Installation instructions of the stock to the chassis

  1. Select the Delta 14 Chassis GEN 2
  2. Select the stock from the many that are available for the Mossberg 500
  3. Using an Allen wrench, fasten the bolt into the back of the chassis receiver 5/16X18 UNC hole provided in the chassis.
    1. Note this is a steel t-nut molded in the stock so be cautious not to cross thread the bolt. Damage to the threads might disable chassis performance.
    2. Minor fitting of the stock to the chassis might be necessary due to differences in stock manufacturing practices.




Weight of the chassis

.75 Lbs.

Installation and removal of the action is the same as the factory stock


  1. Compound angle of the stock to the chassis allows the operator to use the iron sights as well as optics
  2. Hand to trigger position very close
    1. Look at the competitors hand how far away the pistol grip is from the trigger guard
  3. Injection molded Nylon
    1. Service Temperature range -20C to 120C
    2. Excellent resistance to chemicals
  • Not affected by UV
  1. Accessory rail system “M-LOK” allows operator to mount only what they desire on any of the 3 sides accommodating the rail system (3, 6, 9 positions)
  2. Lighter than machined aluminum stock/chassis systems.
    1. .75 Lbs. is the Chassis weight
  3. Assembly and disassembly of the action do not require tools
  4. No impediment to the action.
  5. Mossberg 500 are plentiful
  6. Full Textured surface for easy handling
  7. Front internal drain hole
  8. Less cost that other stocks in the same class